• Collaborated with esteemed artists like Mwayz, POETIK, BIGGs 685, A.GIRL, Billymaree, Joel Fletcher No Money Enterprise, Open Till L8, and Wa-Fu
  • Released debut EP ‘888 Goon’ in 2022


Sailor Goon is a Sydney based pop artist & songwriter who has won supporters across Australia with her sweetley expressive but fierce vocals and magnetic personality. Infusing her earnest writing style with her fierce vocals, she has built a following off her often-viral bubbly but strong anthems.

Seeking to take her listeners on a journey through her music, Sailor Goon's willingness to bring out her personality in her lyrics struck a chord with many. Her stripped back single "CHAINS" found plenty of editorial success further highlighting Sailor's songwriting prowess. The clever, powerful lyrics and Sailor's soothing vocals performance atop the hard hitting 808's captivated an audience who've adopted the song for their own catharsis.

Signing to New Levels this summer, Sailor Goon prepares for her next challenge - the release of her debut EP. Having written countless songs for the project, it's no telling where her ambitious and confident self will take her next.
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