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Since its inception in 2020, New Levels, founded by Australian icon, Jelal Edmonds (Lazy J), has emerged as a pioneering Australian Management/Record label which has been able to meticulously craft and develop some of Australia's greatest contemporary artists, captivating fans and audiences globally.

Establishing its foundations in Sydney's west, with a focus on Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B and Electronic music, the label quickly made a name for itself being one of the most reputable independent labels based in Australia, due to the bountiful success attained for their initial artists including Larissa Lambert, Open Till L8, Sailor Goon and AMARNI, whose catalogue alone amounted to more than 1 Billion streams throughout all of their songs released through New Levels.

New Levels continual evolution has seen its roster expanded extensively, welcoming the likes of heavy weights including Joel Fletcher, RĂ˜NIN, ZUHAIR, and exciting developing acts including Erik Sanders. With the depth and diversity of the current roster, as well as the knowledge and expertise gained over the duration of the label's existence, New Levels continues to grow leaps and bounds and will soon be seen as one of the most formidable independent labels to exist in not only Australia, but the world.
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